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Global Experience Scholarship
Program Terms: Academic Year,
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Abroad Year Application Deadline Decision Date Program Start Date Program End Date
Spring 2015 10/15/2014** N/A TBA TBA

** Students will be notified of acceptance by email and through their online application.
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA: Graduate/Professional students: minimum GSU institutional GPA of 3.5, Undergraduates: minimum GSU institutional GPA of 2.75
Program Description:

Global Experience Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the Global Experience Scholarship! Please read all of the information and click the link below to apply.



Global Experience Scholarship Competition


Study Abroad Programs is pleased to offer the Global Experience Scholarship for those students who have financial need and who have never traveled abroad. This scholarship will provide opportunities to deserving students by offering substantial award amounts of up to $7,500 for Summer, $10,000 for Fall & Spring semesters abroad, and $20,000 for the an Academic Year, depending on financial need. Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to fund your study abroad program! 

The Georgia State University Global Experience Scholarship (GES) was inspired by the International Education Fee (IEF) Study Abroad Scholarship Program and is funded by the mandatory international education student fee paid by all Georgia State University students. Post-baccalaureate students not enrolled in a degree or certificate program are not eligible for the Global Experience Scholarship.


Spring - mid-October

Summer/Maymester - mid-February

Fall/Academic Year - mid-April


  • Applicants must be enrolled in and working toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate at Georgia State University. Post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for the GES.
  • A minimum institutional GPA of 2.75 is required for undergraduate students.
  • A minimum institutional GPA of 3.5 is required for graduate students.
  • First semester transfer and first semester graduate students: If this is your first semester at Georgia State University, in lieu of a GPA eligibility requirement, verification of your projected grades must be sent to us by your current professors. These must be received no later than the application deadline.
  • Applicants must have financial need as determined by the FAFSA and the Financial Aid Office.  Applicants must have completed their FAFSA and financial aid application at the time of applying for GES.  Applicants are responsible for checking with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that all parts of their financial aid application have been received. 
  • Applicants cannot use the Global Experience Scholarship for study abroad programs in which overseas experience is built into the cost and structure of the degree program (for example the Global MBA Program). 
  • Applicants cannot have studied abroad previously or have traveled outside of the United States for any academic, religious, or personal reasons prior to being awarded the Global Experience Scholarship (passports may be checked during the review process).

***Please be aware that meeting eligibility requirements and submitting an application does not guarantee an award***
Students who falsely represent their eligibility or provide false documents automatically forfeit and/or must repay their scholarship.


The following will be taken into consideration when determining ranking for the award:

  • Institutional GPA
  • Financial need as determined by the financial aid package
  • Faculty recommendations
  • Student essay

Application Components

There are two parts to this application: an online portion and paper submission.  The paper submissions include the following documents: 

Essay:  The essay will provide the student with an opportunity to address the expected impact of studying abroad on his/her academic and professional goals, will explain the program and location choice, and why he/she is applying for the GES. A campus-wide committee will review the essay. Committee ratings of the essay, the student's financial aid status, and lack of previous international travel experience will figure heavily in student ranking. Students are strongly encouraged to have their essay reviewed by the GSU writing center and peers before submitting. 
Please address all components of the essay questions. These essay will weigh heavily towards your final ranking in the scholarship competition. Please print three (3) copies of the essay, and submit to the Study Abroad Programs Office. Make sure to include your name, Panther ID, and name of study abroad program at the top of the page.

In one 1,500-word essay, please answer the following short-answer questions.  Please completely answer each question:
1.) How has your financial situation contributed to your need for the Global Experience Scholarship?
2.) Why did you choose this particular program and location?
3.) What impact do you think your study abroad experience will have on your academic and professional goals?

Budget Form: A completed GES Budget Form* should be submitted, detailing expected program costs.  Note: Budget forms will be reviewed for accuracy, and award amounts may be adjusted to reflect this.

Program Cost Statement: A program cost printout listing the items included in the program fees should be obtained from the program website and attached.

PAWS Financial Aid Statement: A printout of the PAWS Financial Aid screen 'Award Aid by Year' for the term you will be abroad should be printed and attached..

*We highly recommend that you notify the Office of Financial Aid of your expected budget increase for the semester you plan to study abroad. Increased costs could include housing, food, transportation (incl. airfare), etc...
Recommendation Form: Two completed GES Faculty Recommendation Forms should accompany the scholarship application. Forms must come from a faculty member not a graduate student or staff member.  Additional letters from faculty will not be reviewed; only the recommendation form will be taken into consideration.

Competitions and Award Amounts

There will be three scholarship competitions per year, with the following maximum amounts, dependent on the applicant's level of financial need:

-Students wishing to study abroad during the Spring semester must submit their applications by the October deadline prior to their Spring term abroad. Spring semester awards: up to $10,000 each

-Students wishing to study abroad during Maymester/Summer must submit their applications during the beginning of the Spring semester prior to their term abroad. Maymester/Summer awards: up to $7,500 each

-Students wishing to study abroad for the Fall semester or an academic year must submit their applications by the April deadline prior to their term(s) abroad. Fall semester awards: up to $10,000 each; Academic Year awards:up to $20,000 each

*Please be aware that applying for the Global Experience Scholarship does not guarantee an award.


Service Requirement

All scholarship recipients are required to participate in a post-program interview for the purposes of scholarship promotion and be featured on the Study Abroad Programs website. In addition, recipients are required to speak about their study abroad experiences at one major study abroad event (e.g. How to Afford Study Abroad workshop, Study Abroad Fair, etc). The service requirement is coordinated through the Study Abroad Programs Office, and must be completed during the year following the study abroad program. If a student is unable to perform this requirement, repayment of the scholarship will be arranged.

Application Rules

• Incomplete applications will not be eligible for review. This application requires an online application as well as a set of material documents that must be sent to our office. Please submit all essay materials at once. Students are responsible for ensuring that all materials reach our office. We will not follow up on incomplete applications, applications delivered from other offices on campus, or by mail.

• Cover letters, resumes, personal references, etc. are not required for this scholarship. Do not submit any of these with your application, as they will not be considered.

• Students participating in non-GSU programs must complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form and the Consortium Agreement before awards can be disbursed.

• Students must complete all necessary paperwork with the Office of Student Financial Aid before awards can be disbursed. Check with our office for info on which forms are required.  Check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure they have received your financial aid application and FAFSA. 

• In the event that a student must cancel his or her participation in a program for any reason, the student is required to notify Study Abroad Programs immediately. Charges for awards that are disbursed prior to cancellations will be assessed against the student's student account with a hold placed on registration and graduation until the funds are recovered.

• Students may apply for both the Global Experience and IEF scholarships for the same term, but only one will be awarded. The GES application will be given priority; if the applicant is not awarded the GES, they will then be considered for the IEF scholarship if a complete and separate IEF application was submitted.

• Scholarship awards cannot be used for tuition.

• Students may be asked to bring in their passports (not copies) for review during the scholarship award/confirmation process. Students who travel outside the United States prior to the start of their study abroad program are not eligible for the Global Experience Scholarship.

• Late applications will not be accepted. In order to ensure fairness and to process awards in a timely manner, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Questions about the Global Experience Scholarship or application process should be the Study Abroad Programs office at 404-413-2529.

Disbursement of funds

• Please Note: In most cases scholarship funds will not be released before students must pay tuition and program fees and in some cases not before students depart for their programs. Students are responsible for covering all such expenses directly and the scholarship will serve as a reimbursement. Federal regulations control this process.

• Students will be notified of their award via email and must respond promptly with acceptance of the scholarship terms. 

• After the deadline, a list of recipients will be forwarded to the Office of Student Financial Aid, where the awards will be processed. Should there be an outstanding debt owed to the university, this amount will be deducted from the award, and the remaining balance disbursed directly to the student either by direct deposit or by check at the same time as their financial aid disbursement. Under no circumstance will the funds be disbursed directly to a student's program.

• Please check with our office if funds are not received within the timeline described above. Any problems relating to non-receipt of funds must be resolved within two semesters of student's program abroad. After this time, any funds not received by the student will be unrecoverable.