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Work Abroad

Working abroad is a great way to gain professional international experience. Finding a job overseas can be more difficult than finding a job in the U.S. Special laws and regulations may restrict the type of job, length of job, and other factors. Please see the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for more information on tax related topics and working abroad.

Some tools for searching for jobs overseas include,, and Career Builder.

Teaching English Abroad

Teach English overseas after earning a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. The world is at your finger tips! Teaching English is a great way to gain valuable work experience in an international environment. There are a variety of ways to earn TEFL certification, including GSU's Applied Linguistics department, TEFL Worldwide Prague, Bridge TEFL, and Oxford Seminars

Some resources for searching for English teaching positions include,, and University Career Services' Going Global.

For more information on teaching English overseas, contact Amanda Roshan-Rawaan.

Volunteer Abroad

Thinking of volunteering abroad? Hundreds of opportunities are available to volunteer overseas. Whether it's working with the Red Cross in a disaster area or volunteering in a campaign overseas, the possibilities are endless. Many volunteer programs will charge a fee for setting up housing, transportation, orientation to the new culture, and other items. Expect to pay a fee for a well-organized volunteer program.

Even though you are going abroad to volunteer your time and energy, you must understand that what you gain from the experience far outweighs what the community receives from your efforts. One person can only do so much to help a town or village, but the experience will likely impact you for a lifetime.

Tools for searching for overseas volunteer opportunities include,, Cross Cultural Solutions, and many study abroad program providers.

List of Intern, Work, and Volunteer Resources

AIB International Professional Development Internship Program
Internships in business, liberal arts, engineering, and UN & NGO development/growth organizations located in Germany.

Organizes long-term paid internships worldwide. World's largest student-run non-profit exchange.

American InterContinental University Study Abroad Programs

ASF- American-Scandinavia Foundation
Organizes paid internships in Scandinavia

Academic Credit Internship Placements in Australia and New Zealand

BUNAC- British Universities North America Club
Provides work permits for English-speaking countries

Center for Cultural Interchange Internship Programs
Organizes intern and volunteer experiences worldwide     

CIEE- Council on International Educational Exchange
Organizes various intern, work, and volunteer experiences worldwide

CIS Work and Internship Abroad
Summer or semester internships in Australia, England, Ireland, or Spain

Cultural Embrace Intern, Work, and Volunteer Abroad
Paid and unpaid opportunities to work, inter, teach, and volunteer abroad

Organizes customized internships in Europe through Boston University

Experiential Learning International
Organizes intern and volunteer experiences worldwide

Fulbright Teaching Assistantships
Organizes English teaching assistantships worldwide

Global Crossroads Intern and Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer, intern, TEFL, teaching opportunities worldwide

Global Experiences International Internships
Coordinates internships and teaching opportunities in Italy, Australia, Spain, France or the UK

Global Service Corps
Offers internships in Thailand and Tanzania

Global Volunteer Network
Organizes volunteer opportunities worldwide

IAESTE- International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
Organizes short-term paid internships in engineering and science worldwide

ICEP- International Cooperative Education Program
Organizes paid internships and jobs worldwide

Organizes various intern, work, and volunteer experiences worldwide.

International Internships
Coordinates internships worldwide, including a few specializing in fashion, medicine, and film

International Studies Abroad (ISA) Intern/Volunteer Abroad: ELAP
Organizes intern and volunteer experiences worldwide

JET- Japan Exchange and Teaching
English teaching placements in Japan; must have Bachelor's degree to apply

Peace Corps
Offers long-term paid work abroad in developing countries. Most assignments require a Bachelor's degree. Peace Corps Master's International Program available through GSU.

Projects Abroad Volunteer Opportunities
A diverse range of teaching, care, conservation, medical, journalism and work experience volunteer projects

Internships and volunteering in Peru, Belize, and Mexico with a mix of Spanish instruction

University of Dreams
Summer internships offering transfer credit

World Endeavors
Organizes intern and volunteer experiences worldwide

World Wide Volunteer Services
Coordinates long and short-term volunteer opportunities worldwide


Additional directories for intern, work, and volunteer abroad information:

British Council:

CDS- Congress-Bundestag Program:

English Language Teaching Job Center:

French Cultural Services:

IIE International Internship Directory

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Professional Network:

Transitions Abroad:

University of Michigan, International Center:

University of Minnesota, International Service and Travel Center:

The Center for Cultural Interchange

English First, Teacher Recruitment and Training